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September 29, 2011
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Thursday, September 29: 6-8 pm Venus Star Presentation with Arielle Guttman, author Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century. Arielle will discuss the "secrets" of  Venus and the Star pattern that Venus weaves. This reveals how to best be in synch with Venus for optimal health, harmony and well-being.

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Saturday, October 1,  1-5 PM Venus Star Workshop with Arielle Guttman, author Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century. Discover an exciting new astrological tool that is simple to use and can change your life, give new meaning to your relationships and reveal your innate talents and gifts.

Where: Pagosa Springs UU Fellowship, at Park & N. Pagosa in Greenbriar Plaza

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Please bring your astrological chart, or call Arielle at 505-984-8330 if you would like to order one for the workshop.

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Women, Politics and the Virgo Star Point (TM)

by Arielle Guttman
© 2011 August

It is remarkable the current number of extremely powerful political women who share the distinction of being Venus Virgo Evening Star Points (see note below for definition). Considering that only one-fifth of the population could be born with the Virgo Venus Star Point (VSP), and only half of that (ten percent of the total population) could be the Virgo Evening Star, it is notable that five of the most visible women to emerge politically in the U.S. at this time are Virgo Evening Stars. Though born of different Sun signs and espousing extremely diverse political views, it is their Virgo VSP Evening Star status that binds them all together. They are:
Nancy Pelosi                    (1940)          Virgo ES                Aries Sun
Hillary Rodham Clinton    (1947)          Virgo ES                Scorpio Sun
Michele Bachmann          (1956)          Virgo ES                Aries Sun
Michelle Obama               (1964)          Virgo ES                Capricorn Sun
Sarah Palin                      (1964)          Virgo ES                Aquarius Sun
The Virgo VSP gives the individual a life-long devotion to the service sector of their lives. Though all five of these women are married women with children, it is a dedication to their chosen careers that has catapulted them into positions of power. Except for Pelosi, all began working after finishing college. Only Pelosi had children—five in six years—before beginning her career. They all have careers that have focused on politics, law and/or social activism. All of these women have balanced a life that includes being a mother, a wife (all have been married only once) and careers of power and influence.And all have garnered a significant following for their point of view on public policy. This is one of the gifts of the VSP in Virgo.

Of these five, three are considered likely contenders for the 2012 presidential election: Bachmann, Palin and Clinton. Though Clinton has stated that she won’t run, there’s plenty of time for her to reconsider. Whether she runs or not, she will continue to wield considerable political power. As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to hold the office and to date has been the highest-ranking female politician in American history. In 2010, Michelle Obama was named the most powerful woman in the world in Forbes magazine’s annual list of the 100 most powerful women.

All of the candidates who are lining up to be considered as presidential material in the 2012 election are shouting “jobs creation” as their number one focus. Yet, can they – one person – promise such a thing and actually deliver the goods? The people who vote for them want to believe them, and like little children, do believe them, just as if they were Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

As far as job creation goes, the U.S. is still under a severe set of celestial bombardments affecting the economy of the nation (see previous blog: Notes from Star Talk 7-15-11). Furthermore, the world economy, as well as the world of politics, is frustrated by a pesky Jupiter/Saturn opposition that just won’t quit. Technically over at the end of March 2011, these two bodies come into a close oppositional orb of 1-1/2 degrees until January 2012.

The influences of the Virgo VSP can best be understood by looking at the most recent Virgo VSP era, which lasted from 1875 to 1984. There’s no mistaking that this was a time in history that gave a dramatic boost in the “jobs creation” sector of practically every industry in existence. The only exception occurred during the Great Depression, a time when Neptune transited through the sign of Virgo, slowly siphoning the job market dry (1929-1943). But even then, there was President Franklin Roosevelt’s Public Works Program. Between 1935 and 1943, the WPA provided almost eight million jobs (www.colorado.gov, WPA archives), which boosted the country’s infrastructure and the jobless person’s self-esteem by allowing them to participate in building something that would ultimately be good for the country.

While the Venus Star graced Virgo, industries and corporations were given the opportunity to generously reward their work force with pensions and good retirement options. And if some companies chose to be less than benevolent or fair to their employees, there were unions to protect the workers’ rights.

But consider that when the Venus Star left Virgo in the mid 1980s, the political agenda was beginning to show little compassion for the work force by busting the unions and giving the corporations more rights than were granted to individuals (people). (See the excellent documentary The Corporation for more about that.)
Jobs and the service sector have been dealt a severe loss from the absence of the Virgo Venus Star and its ability to strengthen, support and protect them. What we have today is a political culture having formed around a “blame game”—that jobs and the economy are the result of someone else’s (the other guys) tenure in the legislative process—that has left nobody completely satisfied.

Another characteristic of the VSP in Virgo is the tendency to be openly critical of how the system is not working, how it is not serving the sectors they individually identify with and represent. The two First Ladies noted above decidedly needed to tone that aspect down in order to act in ways befitting a First Lady. At their start, both were quite vocal about the broken parts of the system, but were quickly scolded and told to act like ladies and hush up.

To their collective detriment, when women become too vocal and action-oriented they are blasted by the media for not behaving in a lady-like manner. This is not to say that some of these women have not deserved the media slams based on some of the outrageous and completely erroneous and irresponsible verbiage that has spilled out of their lips. But, to their strengths, they have withstood the harsh criticism of their mostly male media opposition by remaining neat and tidy, fastidiously fashionable, all the while smiling through the painful jabs that create wounds that lie just below the surface.

The Evening Star Venus, an influence all five of these women share, usually prefer to work in partnership with others. All five are married and all five have spouses who provide a certain kind of security and foundation for them, both physically and emotionally. This allows them to launch their own campaigns. Without a working partner or life mate that supports their social or political platform, both the Virgo Star and the Virgo Evening Star would feel lost.

Two other Virgo Evening Star Point women who could become political forces to reckon with somewhere down the line are Maria Shriver and Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky.

Though we are not currently in a Virgo VSP era, it will be interesting to watch how the position and power of these Virgo VSP women influence the world.

“The gifted Virgo VSP has numerous bankable talents and skills.”

“Thus the Virgo VSP individual develops a loving and fulfilling relationship to the service they choose. The Venus Star in Virgo has endowed them with the necessary talents for service. All they have to do is figure out what that talent is and how and when to use it.”

>From Venus Star Rising, Chapter 7, The Virgo Venus Star Point

For the next few weeks four planets (the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury) will grace the sign of Virgo. Millions of jobs, large and small, are performed daily that for the most part go unnoticed and unrecognized. During this Virgo period, it is time to appreciate every bit of help from the people who have contributed their part to the daily business of keeping the cogs in the wheels of life turning. After all, Virgo is the sign of the Earth Goddess, and sits in the sector of the sky that glorifies the goddess of industry and the harvest.

NOTE: In Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century, we learn how the planet Venus weaves a five-pointed star in the sky in its relationship to the Earth’s orbit. Each point of the star is associated with a particular Sun sign, which creates a Venus Star Point (VSP) that is strongly influenced by the Sun sign’s characteristics. Therefore, your VSP can have nearly as much influence over your life as your Sun sign. The Venus Pentagram passed through Virgo from 1875 to 1984. Because the Venus Star touches down on five signs at a time in creating its star, the population born during that century is comprised of about 20% Virgo Venus Star Point (VSP) individuals. That’s a lot of people, so chances are, you might be one of them.

Jul 11

Notes from Star Talk 7/15/11

Notes from Star Talk 7/15/11

Notes from the July 15th Star Talk by Arielle Guttman

(c) July 16, 2011

Long after the 75 chairs were put away and the lights dimmed, Star Talk was still going strong, streaming in my head into the following day. So I’ve attempted to gather up some resonant fragments of stated and yet unstated topics that were circulating around my cosmos, for consideration here.

August 15: The Venus Star is changing phases, signs and positions

We’ve been in the Scorpio Morning Star Phase of Venus since last October 28 and as of August 15, 2011 we will move into the Leo Evening Star Phase. Venus is currently invisible to us as she is at that crossroads between shining upon us in our morning skies and eventually gracing us in our evening skies. Now she resides within the beams of the sun — or combust. When she moves into the heart of the Sun and they kiss one another in what is known as cazimi on August 15, they will be joined by Mercury in a 3-planet love fest. During this period of invisibility, as Venus moves closer to the Sun, we are entering a Venus period, a time to celebrate Venus coming out of her warrior phase and into her lover phase — and a time to engage in Venus practices.  In Leo we can anticipate the celebration of the feminine,  of nature’s beauty, of artistic creations, love, of marriage, of childbirth, of our existing children, our creations, our playfulness and the sensuality with which Venus engages in any practice.

August 2011 marks the seventh passage of the Venus Star through the sign of Leo since it began transiting that sign 24 years ago in August 1987. The birth of the Leo Star at that time brought us the Harmonic Convergence, the period that was identified by the Mayan Factor as the doorway to a twenty-five year passage concluding in 2012 – of earth’s transition to a new dimensional portal – one that would allow the needed shift from a populace governed by a sacral center to a community of humanity becoming centered in the heart.  It is not an easy shift, but this forthcoming Leo Star period (August 2011 – June 2012) reminds us of the necessity of following a mind whose control center is housed in the heart rather than giving into the mind’s reflexes located in the cerebral cortex of the brain. The cerebral cortex of the brain is a more easily manipulated and seduced mechanism that allows us to think that lies are truth and thus begin to believe them. Contrarily, the heart was given one essential full-proof component that cannot be altered or tampered with: it doesn’t know how to lie. The mind may have taught it how to trick itself into covering up the lie, but the consequent suffering of that is certainly not worth the effort of attempting it. Want to pay your fair share of taxes? Offer them up to the heart.

What can we anticipate from the coming Leo Star? The 2011 Leo Star Evening Star constitutes the FULL phase of the 8 year Leo star that began four years ago  in August 2007 as the NEW phase and which will culminate in August 2015. We are now at the important midpoint, the turning the wheel of the full period into a new direction. The inception of the current eight year Leo Star period in August 2007 identified the actual implications of the dire economic conditions that would beleaguer the U.S. housing market, rippling around the world and spreading like an infectious disease to every other sector of the economy to the point of now, a near bankruptcy for the U.S. as the full phase of Venus rapidly approaches.  This full phase of the Venus Star Point, as in any full phase, depicts the most inflated build-up to the crisis, followed by a  subsequent release and reorientation. The good news? Something’s got to break – it must release and change direction on its way to the completion of its journey four years from now.

Mercury Retrograde –  August 2 to 26

Coincidentally in what is sure to be no coincidence is that Mercury turns retrograde in the earliest degrees of Virgo opposite to Neptune in Pisces on the day the government is asked to resolve the debt crisis.  A stationary Mercury about to move retrograde is in itself a time when misunderstanding, misdirection and confusion can abound. But add that to Neptune and Pisces and what emerges is a tangled cobweb of truth based on belief, unsupported facts and rhetoric which makes me believe that not one single person in Washington actually knows the bigger picture of this economic maze we’re attempting to navigate through – something like a DaVinci style puzzle box that once open, one finds many other layers to unlock with very little clues as to who holds the key. That, punctuated by Neptune itself all over the U.S. chart right now (natal Moon, progressed ASC, progressed Sun) will produce political proclamations, statements, resolutions and writs that may not make sense to anyone.

August is the month to welcome the triple Sun, Venus and Mercury alignment to Earth as a personal celebration and relief to an otherwise very tense drama that is still operating in the planetary sphere. Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries  and Saturn in Libra are involved in a giant cardinal cross that will be triggered by the Moon once a week during the month and will no doubt provide lots of drama, tension, explosion and release. Look to Mercury retrograde, along with Sun and Venus in Leo, as comic relief and be creative about solutions to problems. Elect to move out of a box of conditioned actions that finds the same old repetitive responses totally not doing the trick. And, seriously, look to theater, entertainment, the arts and the playfulness of children to remind us of the elegance of this Leo Star when the will is aligned to creatively, spontaneously (from the heart) and intentionally reflect and act out the beauty of life and nature with the flair and beauty that Leo possesses.

The U.S. is having a Saturn Return — through November 2011

Every 29 years it happens: a Saturn Return that some of us experience as a wise and stern, sometimes cynical old professor forcing us to finish an assignment that we dread having to undertake. Ultimately we’re supposed to learn some sort of responsibility from that test or assignment, and here it is, aspecting the U.S. 8th House Sun which points directly to fiscal responsibility and the use of other people’s resources. For the U.S. right now, the transit of Saturn to the U.S. 8th House Sun and the concurrent transit of Pluto to its 8th House Jupiter is a cruel blow to a greatly inflated wallet that has now been shriveled to small coins and stale crumbs.  You, the holder of that sad and shrunken wallet, says: “Please give me one more loan. I promise I’ll pay you back.” But there’s no one left to borrow from who doesn’t hold a price on your head if you don’t pay up and pay up soon. Time, the nemesis of a Saturn period, is running out.

Saturn, in a double whammy of a transit to both the U.S. Sun (squaring it) and the U.S. Saturn (returning to it) makes this period doubly fierce and seem doubly doomed. But wait, isn’t Saturn in Libra, the sign of compromise, of mediation and of giving equal time to both sides of the issue? If Saturn truly lives up to the wise teacher that the sages of old have claimed it to be, the really right solution in keeping with Saturn’s reputation as an exalted aspect of stern but conciliatory wisdom in Libra is its ability to negotiate fairly with both sides. In other words, this present government has got to find a way to cooperate or we shall all perish. The consequences of both sides not giving equally to this battle is that the victor who uses coercion and bullying tactics to win only finds his own head on the chopping block the next time it comes around.  Without getting Biblical, you could say that Old Man Saturn’s song is something akin to “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. So, the Republican Congress, the Democratic Administration and everyone in between, needs to swallow their pride, yield even if ever so slightly to the cause and condition at hand and take care of business.

For more about Venus Star Rising and the Star Point activations, visit:

VenusStarRising.com The official site for Arielle’s new book – Venus Star Rising
Jun 11

Arizona Today, New Mexico Tomorrow?


© Arielle Guttman

June 13, 2011

Summer in Santa Fe is a time when people love to gather outdoors in the cool evening air – and there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy outdoor music festivals, dancing on the Plaza, the Opera, etc. But tonight, as I sit and look out at the almost full moon in the evening sky, one of the first things I contemplate is that I actually can sit outside this evening. And for this I am grateful.

That’s because tonight there is no wind. For nearly two months, the wind has been blowing like crazy and the state has been in severe drought. Which makes sitting outside as much fun as being downwind of a bunch of kids in a giant sandbox, hurling the sand in every direction as fast as they can. And, for the past three weeks, the wind has also been delivering —straight to our front doors—the hideous smoke and ash from the fires burning in Arizona, near the New Mexico border.

In fact, when I reflect on Arizona, it makes me wonder what’s going on in  that great old state with the Grand Canyon and all those other fun places to visit (Sedona, Tucson, etc.). Because it seems like Arizona has had nothing but trouble for the past couple of years. So I turn to the locational maps and voila! There it is, right before my eyes.

Two years ago, in the summer of 2009, the planet Neptune crossed into Arizona. This was about the same time the new governor, Jan Brewer, came in. Neptune has been transiting the last few degrees of Aquarius for what seems like forever now, and Arizona sits smack into those last few Aquarian degrees on the geodetic map of the world. Now, Neptune is a planet of the sea—remember Poseidon and Pisces and all its watery associations? What’s it doing in the desert? Never mind that it’s hundreds of miles away from a sizeable body of water on the ground, there’s not even any water falling from the sky these days. How can the god of the sea possibly survive in the desert? Evidently, not very happily.

When Neptune entered Arizona two years ago, Jupiter was right beside it, with both of them moving through Aquarius. Seemed like it could be a propitious event, no? With the old and new ruler of Pisces aligned together. After all, isn’t Pisces a sign of compassion and humility and sensitivity?  But Jupiter, the faster moving body, didn’t stay long, leaving Neptune to fend for itself all this time. Neptune is associated with dissolution, such as the great power and force of water pounding against the rocky shore and slowly eroding its mighty cliffs. Could we then assume that Neptune is slowly eating away and eroding some facet of Arizona’s infrastructure?

The first thing to emerge was Governor Jan Brewer, who proclaimed open warfare on immigration. “Let’s build a great wall,” the governor said. Let’s show those illegals that they are not welcome here (even though they do all the jobs that the legal residents don’t care to do). From that came the Arizona boycott with several large conferences being cancelled, potentially driving Arizona’s economy right into the gutter.

Once that fire cooled down, the next thing you knew was that a deranged gunman shot nineteen people at an open political forum in Tucson. Six were killed, including Christina Taylor Green, age 9. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the target, taking a severe gunshot wound in the head, but who is today recovering from what could have been a lifelong brain debilitation. Truly, a sad day for the nation, a very sad day for Arizona. That was January 2011, with Neptune still holding court in Arizona, but now joined by Chiron as well. Chiron is the gifted, wise healer/teacher whose lesson to humanity is that sometimes pain and suffering is the greatest teacher of all. It is what makes us human.

Now, we have fires raging out of control in Arizona and at last count, 469,000 acres have burned, fueled by heavy winds. Nearly 10,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and the smoke is blowing to neighboring states where we’ve been warned repeatedly not to go outside for very long if we are suffering from any kind of respiratory disease. Oh, and leave your swamp coolers on “OFF”. No problem, it’s only 105 in the southern part of the state and high 80s in the northern part of the state.

Neptune and Chiron will be dancing together, back and forth across the state of Arizona for another two years, until 2013. But wait, there’s more.

A very slow moving invisible planet named Transpluto has also been stuck in Arizona with no ability to leave for quite some time. Transpluto, as its name implies, lies beyond the orbit of Pluto (which is already far enough away) but seems to pack an even more powerful punch than Pluto does. Astrologers know Pluto to be a planet of power. Transpluto has been called a perfectionist, and has also been considered a planet of unstoppable power and force of transmutation. And, reflecting on the events going on in Arizona for the past few years, I’d have to conclude that there is certainly a very powerful force of transformation and transmutation going through Arizona now. Transpluto remains in Arizona until 2023.

As the planets travel from west to east on the geodetic map, all I can say to New Mexico is that the same grouping of planets is headed our way. Fortunately, by the time Transpluto gets to New Mexico (twelve years from now) Neptune and Chiron will be but a distant memory even if the wind is blowing them our way long before their due date. But tonight the moon outshines the smoke.

Geo Transits for Arizona - June 2011

Black: Transpluto; Purple: Chiron; Blue: Neptune