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Venus Star Point Ebook

The Venus Star Point Now Available!

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Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life with Venus

This e-book is based on the book Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century, published in 2011. The previous volume introduced the Venus Star Point to the world at large as well as the astrological community and contained numerous charts and graphs, astronomical orbital patterns and the basic science on which the Venus Star Point is based. This edition eliminates all of the science and background material and goes straight to the heart of the Venus Star Point—an amazingly precise tool (as well as simple to find and use) which provides the access needed to help you determine your special place in life. By place, I mean the gift or talent you were born with that doesn’t require you to take a class, consult a guru or spiritual advisor, enter into a program or do any training for. This gift is your birthright from Venus—the planet that produces the beautiful Star Points discussed in this e-book. Henceforth, these Star Points will be referred to as “VSP”® the Venus Star Point, throughout this volume. The Venus Star Point is based on the astronomical alignment of Sun, Earth and Venus which occur approximately every nine months. This edition makes the VSP accessible to everyone, whether you reside inside or outside of the world of astrology. You might be someone who ponders astrology from time to time or you might be someone who utilizes astrology in advising, counseling, and coaching people through your own work. Either way, I’m certain you will find the Venus Star Pentagram and its VSPs immeasurably helpful. Further, it is not necessary to know the intricacies of how this tool works—but simply that it does work. All you need to know to gain valuable insights from the material in this e-book is the day, month and year an individual was born. It’s that simple! Just follow the simple steps provided in this book to open a new world of insight about your life using the Venus Star Point.


Venus Star Rising Print Version

Venus Star Rising by Arielle Guttman is a ground-breaking new book that allows any reader to use a simple astrological tool and their date of birth to identify their Venus Star Point (TM) -- and gain meaningful and life-changing insights. This crossover book demystifies the world of astrology for the lay reader, allowing everyone to apply its technique to everyday questions about life. Almost 200 charts and illustrations are included of well-known personalities that illustrate the principles of the Venus Star Point.

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A Comprehensive Professional Certification & Training Program
Based on Venus Star Rising:

A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

This course, offered over a 5-day period in 2013, is now available via correspondence course. The course includes 10 hours of audio files accompanied by the power point slides.
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A good introduction video to the Venus Star Point®

In this video Arielle describes how to perform the Venus Mudra.